Nordisk gastrique is a bittersweet caramelised apple cider vinegar. Use it for dark sauces and stews to add texture, flavour and a tinge of freshness - and let it replace the fat in your recipes. Add one teaspoon at a time until you have got the perfect taste and texture. Choose between two variants:


We pick crabapples in an old orchard in the northern part of denmark. It is an exceptional place with the largest selection of crabapple trees in northern europe. There are more than 1,000 trees and more than 100 differents sorts. The crabapple gastrique adds a mild apple flavour to your dishes.


We pick the plums, when they are bursting ripe and use them to make first vinegar and then a plum gastrique. Use the gastrique as a cold, sweet and sour sauce for various starters, as the perfect duck glaze, for beef, game, and salmon or to add flavour to your favourite vinaigrette.

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