Barbecuing has become increasing popular in recent years - not only in the summertime but all year round. And it is not only just about the smoky flavour and mouthwatering smells. We simply love the informal atmosphere and casual lifestyle. There is no doubt about it – we have all got the barbecue madness! Choose between six variants:


The combination of cowberries and apples creates an unexpected taste experience. The seasoned ketchup goes well with quality sausages, grilled lamb, chicken, veal, beef, and game. It is also great as a cold sauce for smoked venison or smoked ham.


Plums and apples are the main ingredients in our bbq sauce. We have added garlic, chilli, and cloves for flavour. Use it to spice up your meat, before or after grilling. We also recommend that you try it as dressing for your homemade burger.


With apples and black mustard seeds as the main ingredients, our apple mustard is sweet and tart at the same time – and has a bite to it. Use it as barbecue mustard, as dressing in your homemade sandwiches and burgers, to add flavour to oil and vinegar marinades and mayonnaise-based dressings.


Our thyme marinade combines the characteristic flavours of thyme, juniper berries, and red peppers. Use it for chick- en, lamb, venison, and steaks. Shake well before use and apply to meat during grilling.


Our ramson marinade combines the distinctive flavours of ramson and lemon. Use it for chicken, lamb, and salmon or for veal, pork, and beef steaks. Shake well before use and apply to meat during grilling.


A delicious cold dressing based on apple cider vinegar and rapeseed oil. The bearnaise dip gets its flavour from tume- ric and tarragon. We recommend you use it as a cold sauce for beef, veal, and poultry, as a salad dressing or as dip for your vegetables.

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