We make our jam by hand in the old-fashioned way - in small batches to make sure that we get the flavour and texture right every single time. We are proud of our old-school ways and are convinced that you will be able to taste and smell the effort, we have put into it, when you open the jar. Our jam contains a minimum of 60% fruit. Choose between seven variants:


With its classic combination of strawberries and elder flowers, this jam smells and tastes like nordic summers. Use it as topping for your favourite yoghurt or junket, mix it with whipped cream, use it for layer cake filling – or try it simply on a piece of toast or home-baked bread.


Mix the jam with yoghurt or junket or use it as layer cake filling. Try it on toast or with your cheese. The burnet roses, which have been gathered along the beach on the northernmost tip of denmark, add a mild and sweet flavour.


The apple and cherry plum jam pairs well with freshly baked bread and is the perfect accompaniment for cheese. We suggest you try it on toasted rye bread with blue cheese. The apples simmer with whole cherry plums to create a ”nordic apricot flavour”. The cherry plum stones add a mild almond taste.


This marmelade is amazing on cold-raised wheat bread with butter and mild cheese. We also suggest you try it on pancakes or waffles. Small and delicate fir sprouts are boiled down to syrup which provides a perfect contrast to the blueberries.


Use is as topping on your oatmeal porridge, on sour milk products or as spreading on a piece of toast with mild che- ese. Sea buckthorn grows in the wild, and the berries provide an exotic acidity to the sweetness of the pear.


Sweet raspberries with a tinge of sour combined with slightly spicy dandelions and rich vanilla create a new and intriguing flavour. Try it on pancakes, waffles or scones. Use it for bread and cakes with almonds or simply on a piece of toast with a cup of tea.


Apples add texture, and camomile and elder flower add a distinctive flavour to this classic gooseberry jam. Try it with freshly baked bread and cheese or use it as topping for yoghurt and skyr.

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