Our mustard is made from yellow mustard seeds. Honey is added for flavour and to create a soft and creamy texture. Choose between three variants:


A delicious mustard with a classic taste of mustard, horseradish, and thyme. The characteristic taste of horseradish pairs well with sausages, hams, and patés. The mustard is also suitable for oil and vinegar marinades and mayonnaise-based dressings.


Yellow mustard seeds, sweet honey, and dark, flavourful beer combine to create an excellent and aromatic mustard. Serve it with sausages and ham or use it to add flavour to dressings, marinades or traditional ham glazings.


This mustard is flavoured with ramson, also known as wood garlic. It is the perfect condiment for charcuterie and adds flavour to all types of vinaigrettes and mayonnaise-based dressings.

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