Flavoured aquavits are an old nordic tradition with deep roots in history and nature. Two hundred years ago, there were more than 2,500 illegal distilleries in denmark and a countless number of illegal home distilling apparatuses. In small farm houses around the country alcohol was made regularly. To drown out the harsh taste and smell of fusel and to give the aquavits flavour, the farmers added extracts of herbs, berries, flowers, and roots. We have revived the old tradition of making herbal and fruit aquavits. Choose between seven variants:


In the beginning, the sweet gale aquavit has a beautiful golden colour with light green tones. As it matures, the colour changes to shades of brown. The flavour is one of a kind – aromatic, spicy, and slightly tart. Enjoy it with a traditional nordic lunch.


We gather heather, when the flowers are in full bloom and contain the largest quantities of sweet nectar. The nectar adds a floral flavour and a sweet, aromatic aftertaste. Enjoy it with a traditional nordic lunch.


The beach wormwood is a grey, silver glistening herb with small yellowish flowers. It grows in beach meadows along the shores of the nordic countries. The beach wormwood aquavit is flavourful and spicy with a well-balanced bitterness. Enjoy it with a traditional nordic lunch.


The orange-yellow berries of the thorny sea buckthorn shrub add an exotic and bitter-sweet flavour. Enjoy the sea buckthorn aquavit with desserts, chocolates, coffee or as a morning bitters.


This aquavit gets its texture, bitter-sweet flavour and ruby-red colour from the small, black rosehips growing on burnet roses. Enjoy it as an aperitif, with your coffee or with cheese.


This mild and fresh aquavit gets its vermillion shade and well-balanced bitterness from small, red crabapples. Enjoy it as an aperitif, dessert wine or with your coffee.


A dark, strong, and fruity aquavit with a deep, blue shade. Enjoy it for game, as an aperitif with crushed ice, for desserts, cakes and cheeses.

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